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Help & Advice - Advertising Yachts for Sale on yacht-trader.com

1) How much does it cost to advertise on yacht-trader.com?
   Advertising on yacht-trader.com is currently free of charge, there is no need to provide any payment details.

2) How do I advertise a yacht for sale on yacht-trader.com?
   First you need to register on the site by completing the online form on the below link. Once you have submitted the form you will receive a confirmation email.

3) How do I create an advert?
   a) Log in to the site using your username and password, this will take you to “My portfolio” page.
   b) Click “Create advert”.
   c) Complete details of the yacht you are advertising for sale.

4) What if the yacht make is not included in the drop down list?
   If the yacht Make does not appear on the drop down list you can “Add new make to list”.

5) How do I enter the selling price correctly.
   Enter the selling price without using any punctuation (eg if selling price is 124,950 enter 124950).

6) How do I add images to the advert?
   When you have saved the advert it will appear in the ‘My portfolio’ page, you can then click “Images” and add up to 20 photos in JPEG format max 2MB each. Upload images individually or by using the bulk-upload tool.

7) What happens when I click Save (or Save and Activate)?
   When you have entered the yacht details you can Save (or Save and Activate) the advert. Clicking either of these options will add the advert to ‘My portfolio’.
   “Save” – will save the details entered but the advert remains Inactive.
   “Save and Activate” – will save the details and Activate the advert.

8) How do I Activate or Deactivate an advert?
   You can change the advert status to “Active/Inactive” using the drop down in My portfolio.

9) What are credits, why do I need them to post adverts, and how do I obtain credits.
   You require 1x credit to post an advert, however credits are currently free of charge (eg cost = $0.00).
   If you are a new user you will be prompted to obtain credits in order to Activate an advert. If you are a private seller advertising a single yacht for sale you only need to select a single credit.